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We help you legalize your status
without leaving the country.

We have over 13 years of experience and have helped thousands of people receive permanent residency, work permits, and asylum. You could be next.

We help you fix your paperwork
without leaving the country.

We have over 13 years of experience and have helped thousands of people receive permanent residency, work permits, and asylum. You could be next.


We win cases that other lawyers are not willing to take

Even if you've been told no, we have experience winning cases that other lawyers don't want to take on.


We can help you even if you have a criminal history

Our lawyers have experiencing removing past criminal convictions and obtaining difficult waivers in complicated cases. Even if you have been told you don’t have a case, we have experience winning cases that were labeled as impossible.


We offer you a path to legalize your status without leaving when possible

We seek solutions that help you obtain your work permit, travel permit, and residency without leaving the country.

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You fought to get here,

We fight for you to stay.

Alonso & Alonso is built by a latino family. We established this vision over 13 years ago when we saw how other law firms mistreated immigrants, viewing them as mere case numbers. We chose to depart from those firms to become the exception, treating our clients with empathy, just as we would treat our own family members. This is how our firm operates – like a close-knit family with a singular mission; to help attain your legal status and turn the cherished dreams of freedom held by our dear clients into reality.

We are here to serve our people.
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We fight for you.

¿Why Alonso & Alonso?

With over 13 years of experience in immigration law and criminal defense, our firm is ready to represent you and demonstrate the results you deserve. Our mission has always been to serve our community as if they were our own family.

At Alonso & Alonso, we provide personalized attention and services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. This includes communication, regular updates, thorough assessment of each case, and customized legal strategies based on each client's circumstances.

At Alonso & Alonso, we have a strong track record of success in our clients' cases. We have achieved legal status for hundreds of Latino individuals, through residencies, citizenships, and other significant benefits for a fulfilling life in the United States. From work permits and travel permissions to social security, we have assisted thousands of people in remaining in the country legally.

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Vanessa Alonso


Christopher Alonso


Audrey Archer


Edwin Hurtado


Edwin Pleitez


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What our Clients Say

Discover first-hand experiences, glowing reviews, and the transformative impact that our services have had on their lives and businesses.

Highly recommended! They provide excellent service from the moment they receive your call. They listen to your case, offer expert advice, and communicate in words that you can understand to assist with your situation. Many thanks to everyone who assisted me!

Carlos Torrez

I wholeheartedly recommend this firm! From the first call, they treated us very well. They treated us with great consideration and respect. Very efficient and punctual. Always with kindness and positivity. Thank you Alonso & Alonso!

Jimena Pinilla

My family and I had a positive experience with this firm. The team that worked on our case was extremely professional and helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend this firm.

Miriam Chavez

The team worked hard for us, and everything was done quickly and timely. I recommend Alonso & Alonso and their team. I forgot to mention that we are from another state, as we were referred by a previous client they represented.

Cruz Herrera


Bonifacio Lopez Crisostomo



Romeo de los Santos

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